Weasel Eats

Sunshine Squash Casserole

Our year of experimental gardening has produced at least one gargantuan success so far: our plants of the squash family. We planted two types of pumpkin ~ Dickinson and Chioggia ~ and several types of squash: Costata Romanesco zucchini, Golden Pattison pattypans, white pattypans, yellow summer squash, and lemon squash. All but the white pattypans… Continue reading Sunshine Squash Casserole

Weasel Farms

The Year of Experimental Gardening, Part 1

I have loved gardening since I can remember. When I was little my dad would plant a yearly vegetable garden; I remember eating apples from our backyard tree while watching him till up the dirt in the spring. As a teenager, I kept a garden for several years and had reasonable success with tomatoes, beets,… Continue reading The Year of Experimental Gardening, Part 1